Camping Season!


Our Camping season starts April 1 and goes thur November 1!

Our Reservations are accepted with a minimum of one night's deposit down.  
There is a 3 night Minimum for all Holidays, and Tuilip Time Festival. 
Clubs are always Welcome! 
-Cancellations must be made by the person who is to occupy the site to be eligible for refund. 
-Members of the camping group can not cancel on the behalf of another.
(If you paid for it, you're responsible for its cancellation.)
* Cancellations Made Over a Holiday
        Reservations cancelled within 3 days (72 Hours)  of your arrival date will be charged for 3 Nights.
        For Reservations cancelled  before 3 days of your arrival will be charged for 1 Night.
        Reservations Cancelled before a month of arrival day will only be charged $10
                * Sorry but, refunds will not be given due to the discomforts of nature.
        -Clubs must give cancellation notice of at least a Month (4 Weeks)  prior to arrival date to be eligible for refund.
* Cancellations Made Over a Non-Holiday
        Reservations cancelled within 3 days (72 Hours)  of your arrival date will be charged for 2 Nights.
*Please Call the Office with any Questions or Concerns. 616-772-4304
Pets are Always Welcome! 
We just ask that you keep all pets leashed up!  (Its the Law)
Please remember to be courteous to others and pick up after your pets, on your lot as well as walks! We ask that you stay close to your pets at all times, for both children and pets safety.
Please Note: There Will Be A $5 Fee if caught leaving your pets "little gifts" lying around.  
Our Staff
& Directors

Original Owners since 1969 Nelson & Sherrill Riemersma


Darlene Vloednan Daughter of Owner


Linda Veenema Daughter of Owners

Assistant Manager
Assistant Manager

Melissa Veenema Daughter of Linda

Assistant Jr. Manager
Assistant Jr. Manager

Kelsie Veenema Daughter of Linda.